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About the Designer & Alysian

Maybe credit this to being a middle child, being a fire sign, or always feeling the need to differentiate myself from a sea of other Jennifers. (Jennifer was the single most popular name for newborn U.S. girls every year from 1970 to 1984, after all. Thanks, Mom and Dad! ) Regardless of the reason, I’ve always been a fierce individualist! (Not in a large and loud way as I’m actually more reserved by nature. But definitely through creative expression! I could never hold back from drawing all over my school notebooks or leave perfectly white Keds or Converse sneakers well enough alone!)

I'm always inspired by others who are fearless about staying true to themselves and true to their personal style. And I have a hunch this describes you! I design jewelry to both elevate an outfit and enhance individuality. I hope Alysian empowers you to feel even more free to be your authentic self, perhaps just a slightly bolder and braver version! After all, jewelry isn’t just about trends, beauty and fashion. Jewelry is also emotional. It is one way we express and emphasize our unique self. 

Alysian is my "Act III" (est. in 2017) after a first career as a women’s magazine writer/editor and a second career as a private label jewelry designer for countless major national fashion brands. (The name Alysian was inspired by my middle name “Alyse” and Elysian Fields, the after-life utopia in Greek mythology. Creating is my utopia!)

After years of successfully predicting, interpreting and executing trends, I like to think that I take the design process a step further with Alysian. Sure, I’m inspired by fashion trends, but I am committed to offering you something that’s different than what you’ll find elsewhere. I design for the woman who values trends, but who values originality more. That’s the meaning behind “handcrafted chic with an independent streak!” In line with this philosophy, Alysian jewelry designs are always limited editions, if not one of a kind. 

Alysian accessories are also made in limited quantities and designed to be inspired—and never tired. The opportunity for expressing our independent spirit through personal style should go well beyond what we wear and extend to things we use everyday.

With Alysian, you’ll find versatile pieces to take your look to the next level. Many jewelry and accessory designs showcase the natural and varied beauty of semiprecious elements. I love the way these stones can ignite something within the wearer/user through their special meanings and properties. 

The way a piece of jewelry makes you feel, the meaning behind the stone, and the intention and individuality of the wearer all add up to something pretty powerful and potentially transformative.

Some jewelry can be as soothing as it is stylish, helping you to feel cool and calm. Some jewelry can spark a little extra confidence that empowers you to feel more energized and in control of your day. And we all appreciate slipping something on that — instantly — makes us feel a little more special or glam, or simply more "put together." I also aim to create jewelry that can transition well (from the office to a weekend brunch or date night) and become favorite style staples, like a trusted pair of jeans or your favorite scarf.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect gift, thanks so much for being here. Please reach out if I can offer any guidance.

And whether it's a pair of effortless go-to earrings, a style-making statement necklace or a functional key ring with a shimmering stone in your favorite color...whatever you’re drawn to, I hope you find something that brings out your personal style—and your independent streak!


Jennifer Walters Anstendig
Alysianhandcrafted chic with an independent streak.